“Emma has that rare ability to turn what she sees into a work of personal insight. Such a gift is a rare quality to possess as it is the necessary force that lends the work distinction and grips the observer’s attention and interest. Increasingly in her work, it is the dynamic of movement that excites the eye and this emotional hold draws one in to explore the picture and to respond to its meaning. It is her excitement to paint that gives her work its emotional appeal and give the forms and colours their compelling interest”

Robin Child - Art historian, lecturer and tutor

Emma has an awesomely broad and gifted talent ranging from beautiful conventional scenes to wonderfully adapted modern arthouse interpretations, still lifes, nudes and any theme that fires her interest.  That must be the hallmark of an accomplished artist.  All her work is strikingly original and yet all have a distinctive style she has made her own.

Anthony Eaton - Client

Emma Haggas’ landscapes are very evocative of the area that she walks her dogs in.  Salisbury Plain is a rather wild and inhospitable place but Emma brings a huge amount of colour and shape to the landscapes which is both  heartwarming and uplifting.  Lines of mauve and orange infiltrate the paintings and give a huge depth to her pictures. We permanently sell out of her landscapes and are constantly asking for ‘more’!!  New work will be shown in our on-line catalogue for the summer of 2016.

Louise Newton - British Art Portfolio

My first sight of Emma’s work was seeing some images of her compositions, rather than viewing an original picture, even so it was apparent that the paintings had a painterly quality about them.  I was therefore keen to see her work and when I did what also came across was the manner in which she sensitively captured the atmosphere of the landscape that her pictures portray.

Mark Jerram - The Jerram Gallery

Some of Emma’s work really needs to be seen close up, as images on a website do not convey the depth of colour and interesting texture of so much of her work. The textured element of Emma’s oils are one of the reasons why I appreciate and enjoy my three pictures every time I look at them.

Caroline Pryke - Client